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November 1st, 2012 | by admin

Happy November!

This is going to be a wonderful month. Kyle and Derek will be doing some acoustic shows while the band rests from the previous couple months of playing out. We will be taking this time to write new material and continue working on our album “Morning Light”. Freehauf recently picked up a new Fender Jazz, so if you see him be sure to skat aggressively while dancing eroticaly.

Kyle has been writing some beautiful new music, and if you ask him nicely, I’m sure he would play it for you at one of these upcoming shows.

Brent has been working on two soundtracks for film-maker-friend Anthony Frederick. The first film was shot last year, titled Ascension, and the currently being shot film The Last Healer, will feature original music by Brent. The soundtracks for each will be drastically different landscapes and will include Derek Deroo on keys, Allie Dozet on Violin, and Chris Kauffman on upright Bass. Once mastered, these will be made available to everyone for free download. Besides leading the score for The Last Healer, Brent will also be featured in the film. Stay tuned for the trailer of The Last Healer.

There are many dates posted for December and we look forward to seeing you there and revealing some new songs as well.


J& the D


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