This is an adventure best experienced together

September 22nd, 2014 | by admin

2014 - 0566

Hey Friends,

All That Gold has been out for almost two months and we’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from fans and critics. We are always so encouraged to hear what the songs mean to you and to see your smiling faces singing along during the shows. There are exciting things coming soon and we you’re all invited to come along with us, and to semi-quote Steve Zissou, this is an adventure best experienced together.

We wanted to share some of the kind words that have been written about All That Gold:

“All That Gold is a remarkable album…” The Prelude Press

“It’s the acceptance that we come in to the world with nothing and will leave the world with exactly that. Something about a statement that grand is very powerful.” – Planet Stereo Live

“…An expansive breadth of sonic wisdom” – whatzup magazine

Interview with James & the Drifters – Vents Magazine

“Their lyrics, telling and sincere — their roots, grounded deep into this great state of Indiana.” – BuzzFeed (12 Hoosier Bands You Must Listen To)



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