Stone House Recording, Brewery Vivant, and Neighborhood Watch

July 26th, 2013 | by admin

Well hello there! We are back from our week long session at the studio. We wanted to tell you about it and what’s coming up next for this new record All That Gold.

Kyle, Ethan, and Colin showed up at Stone House Recording Studio in Grand Rapids around noon on Friday to lay down the scratch tracks with Peter Fox. Scratch tracks are the first baby step towards recording an album. We spent Saturday and Sunday recording the drums over these tracks. Most days we got started at 10am and worked till after midnight. Monday Andrew plowed through the bass tracks and we were able to record Kyle’s acoustic parts that evening after getting some dinner at SpeakEZ Lounge. Those of us who weren’t recording were often busy watching the Plaza Towers parking lot through a pair of binoculars for creepers and strange folk, it was pretty addicting.

Tuesday was the guitarists day to shine. Brent was up first and laid down some rhythm parts and then some lead parts as well. Fighting food poison and certain doom, he wrapped his parts up by dinner. The band then celebrated with much rejoicing over a dinner at Brewery Vivant. If you ever happen to Grand Rapids be SURE to check this place out, amazing food, beer, and atmosphere. Ethan got started with his parts that evening and by Wednesday afternoon all the guitar parts were done.

We still need to record the keys and vocals for the 13 tracks that we have started. The good news is the studio days for tracking those have been set, the sad news is the album will probably have a later release than first anticipated. ┬áBut that’s okay…it’ll make the release all that more exciting.

We hope to get our kick starter gifts out by October and we are so thankful for the donations we’ve received and your patience with us as we put together these packages. We are unbelievably blessed by our fans and feel so loved by your support. We can already tell you that we stand behind this album 100% and it is the best music we’ve produced yet. Every song has been meticulously thought through and every part scrutinized. We tried parts and sounds that we hadn’t before and explored new territories inside the song to see what worked the best- and it was absolutely worth it.

Be excited with us, you won’t be disappointed.




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