On The Road to Kickstarter

April 26th, 2013 | by admin



Here we Go! For the last couple months each member of the band has spent countless hours researching and collecting data on marketing a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for our upcoming album. We want to give you an update on this process and hopefully allow you to enter in to our excitement.

Not familiar with Kickstarter…? Kickstarter allows artists a platform in which to raise the funds to support the financial burden that comes with releasing a creative piece of art. The artist creates a page that details what they are creating and how much it will cost, and then the audience can donate money to the project if they desire it to be completed. Donors receive various gifts for their donation sizes, moving them from mere fans to philanthropists. You can read more about it at kickstarter.com.

The Catch… We have to raise all the funds needed for the project or we don’t get any of it. Therefore, we want to offer a good product that entices our donors to support our project while remaining true to our creative freedom in recording an album. Sounds easy right?! As the photo of Derek and Ethan reveals, laptops have been lit, coffee has been drank, and search engines have been run. Just last night we finalized the amount of funds that need to be raised for our project, right around $10,000 for the production, promotion, and admin costs for the album. We also finalized the donor gifts for the kickstarter as well (I don’t want to give too much away here, but besides the vinyl being offered, a cigar box full of goodies is on the list as well!).

What’s next? We are building and constructing, printing and exhausting the resources we need for this project. While May is booked solid with shows in Indianapolis, Nashville, and Syracuse, June has been left pretty open for this event. All through the month of June we will be promoting this Kickstarter and sending support letters out to our big donors. Then come mid-July, if we raise the amount, we will head to Grand Rapids to lay down the new album (title to be announced later) with Peter Fox at Stone House Recording!
We hope you will consider donating to our project and spreading the word about this event. We appreciate the support of our family (that’s you) so far on this journey and hope to make you proud with this next step.


Be Well,


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