Homestretch: 8 Days and Counting

July 2nd, 2013 | by admin


We are so thankful for every donation received for this project and every shared Facebook status you’ve posted to promote this. The fund drive is currently just over the 70% mark of the goal and with less than 9 days left the deadline looms ahead.

We’ve been asked several times what we would do with the money if we raised more than the goal? I wanted to address this question because we do hope to raise more than the goal and desire to be as open with this project as possible. If we exceed our goal of $6,700.00 we will have the opportunity to record more songs, continue our mission, and explore opportunities we wouldn’t be able to explore otherwise.

This is an adventure and thank you for joining in. We continue to humbly ask for help in reaching this goal. Some of the most beneficial ways of helping are as simple as sharing our Facebook status, telling a friend about our project, or praying for us. Another option would be increasing your donation to the next tier level and we can send you some more awesome prizes. Whatever you decide we are grateful!

Have a wonderful July 4th weekend! We’ll post an update at the finale.

James and the Drifters 


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