Fall Mix Tape

October 25th, 2012 | by admin

Making mix tapes used to be so difficult. I had a cassette tape player and would sit it opposite the radio. It wasn’t good enough to leave both instruments alone to their endless chorus- no, one would have to wait through Casey Kasem’s top hits of the 70’s, 80’s, and today, fully-stuffed with fun facts, and then trigger-finder-ready for that Savage Garden song you slowed dance with the girl of yours dream to at that one school dance at the community building.

Now-I have Spotify opened and while i listen for that Neil Young song that is both good and unpopular, my steady finger drags it into the playlist. I listen to the beginning and end of each song, moving songs, deleting songs, rearranging them like building blocks. One has to lead another. We will start upbeat and light, then move into a classic session, then slow it down with some acoustic wanderings, then end on a sunny note.

Its great, its Fall, its life.

Go make your playlist.

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