City and Tent

May 20th, 2014 | by admin

Under a tent beside the lake, we streamlined the first part of a set list. The last seven songs more like cross-word puzzle. Working in most of All That Gold, the wind doesn’t rustle the page, in fact, the only noise seems to be coming from the lake lapping against the stone barriers lining it down like narrow street til spreading out like cul-de-sac surrounded by tiny lake houses with no lights on. But there’s no noise coming from the streets. There are voices on the rise, ascending from the Cerulean Beer Garden.

We want to thank Cerulean Restaurant for their hospitality and extraordinary food and drinks. You are doing all things right.


The buildings grow a little taller in the city. The street cars drive a little more riotous. 278 driving fatalities on Illinois Roadways in 2014. Feeling confident, packed 6-deep in the Chevy truck, and Chicago Soul Radio. Where is this Empty Bottle?

Pictures of the late-greats line the wall. They all look cool as hell. The 70’s to the 70’s, the 80’s to the 80’s, those 90’s to the 90’s, and to us of the now. Hang a picture for me.


Thanks to our friends, the night owls, who on a Sunday evening supported us with their presence. And to the Empty Bottle for providing musicians a place to rock for over three decades, Cheers, we’ll get the next one.


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