As if to begin

March 22nd, 2013 | by admin

The most recent piece I’ve just completed was started back in January when I stumbled on Brett Jenkins poems “With Arms Outstretched” & “Thesaurus” which were published in A-Minor Magazine. (Read these here:

Brett is one of my favorite writers and a dear friend and after asking her permission to use some of the same images I began writing a poem to express my fear and excited about entering a new relationship, one that I am most ambitious about. So here it is completed.

As if to begin
by Brent Chamberlin

She shifts. like current strong
the waves. lagoons so long
February fumbles numb and unthawed fingers
like frozen streams all covered
laying covers under your bed

And dark. perfect night
her dream. forms paradise
Sea birds and the sirens
sounding just like every morning
Sea birds and the sirens
sounding just like every morning.

she is waking alone

Draped. in slopes of snow
the sun. the walnut bow
we roam the lone chateau and
there’s vines where walls are closed

Wait. the robin comes
and sings. like cherry shawl
overhead the war rolls in
songs like smoke can fill our breasts
overhead the war rings in
its time for us to begin again

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