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January 30th, 2014 | by admin

All that Gold - Draft 6

Hi Everyone!

We bring you news of great joy… we have closed the book on the mixing stages of All That Gold. It was a long arduous process to make the songs sound perfect, and as we sat in Freehauf’s living room listening to how the songs paired up with one another we all agreed, there’s nothing we would do to change this album. So after 6 1/ 2 months of recording and mixing we are ready to move forward. Next is mastering.

Mastering has been explained to me as the baking of the cake. Everything until now was gathering the ingredients and placing them properly in the pan. Mastering equals out all of the frequencies for the vinyl and mobile devices. As soon as we get the vinyls in we will send some pics.

Here are the songs (in order) to be featured on All That Gold.

Side A
1. Lucille the Wall
2. One Trick Pony
3. Foxtrot
4. All That Gold
5. Morning Light
Side B
1. Bigtime
2. May 21
*  Wanderin
3. Happy Anniversary Darlin
4. Hallelujah Intermission
*  Hallelujah
*  Bandit
5. Cold Wind Blowin
6. Till I Die
( * will not be featured on the vinyl release, but will be included on CD & Digital releases of All That Gold)


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