All Our Lovin

October 17th, 2013 | by admin








(Art by Aaron Deal)

Dear Drifters,

If you have recently checked our Facebook posts, or seen the above image floating through your updates, then you may be wondering… “What is this Special-Super-Secret album? Whose gettin it? Is it real or just another silly contest? Why is Brent a Mer-Man and Colin an Octo-human”

Well ask no more. “All Our Lovin” is a collection of songs that will not be featured on our upcoming album “All That Gold”. We kept these songs to offer them to our Kickstarter donors. There are 7 songs on the album recorded very minimally. They have been picked specially for the donors that received the personalized song option. The album of all 7 songs will be mailed to our 7 donors with a handwritten note thanking them for their giving.

So will you be able to get these songs? Well! I’m so glad you asked. While we are still working out the details and mixing these songs, we anticipate performing a few of them live and then perhaps releasing them via our website. So stay tuned. Stay close. We love to keep our audience riveted.

All That Gold.

The album mixing is underway! It continues to amaze us how depth this new album turned out. It’s layered like an Ogre. Shrek references welcomed. The band collected this past Monday evening to listen through all the tracks together with some hot apple cider and flannels a-plenty.

Music is such wonderfully creative organism. Two years ago the songs were being written on an acoustic guitar and then being shared with 4 other people. One year ago the group took a week-long vacation to Otter Lake and recorded the songs as what would be “Morning Light”. Then, with the addition of Ethan and Colin, the group decided to wait on releasing the album. When you bring new people into a creativity community it changes the dynamics of the creation. The songs changed and took on a new life. But it was good. This year we decided to record them this way. This new way. This has been the most extensive and intentional time spent on one of our albums and we are very proud of this piece of art. We hope you will enjoy it as well.

The release date is not set as of yet. Kickstarter donors will start receiving their albums, tees, etc. around Thanksgiving. The option to pre-order the album will also be available around this time.

Thank you so much for your support of James and the Drifters. We love you all!


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