Being a Drifter

June 28th, 2013 | by admin

colin whitehurst

Being a Drifter
By Colin Whitehurst

I have been a drifter for only about five months and have played only a handful of shows; however, my experiences with this band have already had a huge impact on me. Music can be such a powerful thing that touches us emotionally, but I never thought I would see how those individual ways of experiencing music could take a whole room of people and unite them.

Many of the songs that we play have this underlying theme of dealing with the muck we all encounter and then speaking hope and joy into those situations. We play these songs in many venues but mainly bars. Many times in these bars it’s easy to spot the people that have come out to escape or those that are lonely. It’s been a great privilege to see those people work up the nerve to get up and dance and have a great time with the rest of the crowd, then leave with a smile on their face.

It’s great to be on stage at those moments because you can look out across the crowd and you can see the diversity of people that have been brought together with a desire to dance and fellowship. As you look out and see a middle aged couple of considerable means standing next to a tattooed college student, who is standing next to a teacher, who is standing next a McDonalds fry cook, who is standing next to someone you know from church- you begin to understand the weight of the moment. That right there and then child-like joy is being shared by people who may have forgotten what that feels like.

Being able to bring that hope, joy, and connectivity is why we make music. It’s the reason why we want to make another record. This next record speaks to our priorities in life and asks questions like “how can we have hope in a world that sometimes seems hopeless?” We believe that this is a record that can not only bring music that is sonically pleasing, but also music that can spread hope and joy.

We will be working with people who are at the top of their game for this record and we hope this record will draw the attention of people outside of our local area. Our desire is to be able to make music a bigger part of our lives.

This is going to cost more than any record has for us thus far, so we are raising money via Kick Starter in order to not only help fund that album, but to allow our fans to take part in this experience with us and get some awesome merch in the process. Using the Kick Starter forum allows us the opportunity to invite you in, and gives you the opportunity to help spread the message of hope and joy. So please consider donating to our Kick Starter.

To me- being a drifter means uniting people through music that brings hope, joy, and peace.


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